The St. Croix Blue House Story

"I began building the Blue House in 2010 and it took about 10 years.

Between 2018 and 2020, I poured everything into completing the house. There were countless trips to hardware stores, meetings with vendors, managing resources, dealing with rework, rain delays, missing shipments, damaged supplies, you name it!  

I had to say no to so many things! But the sacrifice and discipline was worth it! Little by little I hit various milestones. Every milestone was so exciting! The support from my family was overwhelming and a huge part of my success.

I’m eternally grateful for their help and for every guest I have the honor of hosting."


Cara at St. Croix Blue House

Guest stories

What they are saying!


My overall impression of this property, it is exceptional!!!

I was thoroughly pleased with the newly, modern, beautiful, and immaculate accommodations. I would highly recommend staying at CARA's property, and I look forward to returning. She was a superb host, always gracious, accessible and responsive.

Michelle A.